About the film director Linda Wendel and Babyfilm ApS

For almost 30 years now, Linda Wendel has made films because - well, stories have to be told. Film and art are instrumental when exchanging experiences that make people reflect on their lives and the circumstances that surround them. Film light up and provide insight.

Since she graduated from the Danish Film School in 1984 Linda Wendel has written, directed and produced a multi-coloured bouquet of motion pictures. From the children's movie When Lotte became invisible to the more experimental One-shot. Her drive has been a deep-felt interest in human circumstance. The message in Ballerup Boulevard and Baby is that we have to see, care for and look out for each other.

But a direct way to uncover truth, as you know, does not exist! Life is compiled of many unpredictable facets, seen from different angles and taking place, just as the stories about life are happening.

Reflection, however, does exist! And form! And Linda Wendel has throughout the years explored this and refined her expression. The production company Babyfilm ApS, that she created ten years ago together with Jesper Christensen and Ulrich Thomsen (from 2010 Linda Wendel has been the sole owner), is a laboratory of esthetics. Nature, location, music, actors, form. Choice after choice - frame by frame - Linda Wendel explores the many paths of a story, continuously taking new steps toward perfection.

Guided by her curiosity and her camera as a tool of choice she has for Babyfilm created many wonderful pauses for afterthought, which are evident in her long work-catalogue.

Babyfilm is concentrated skillfulness, loyalty, artistic exploration, experience and dedicated craftsmanship.